这是巴黎人贵宾厅的“食物过敏意识周”学术博客系列的第二部分 大麦的一种博士马奥尼,从 心理学院, leads a team of 巴黎人贵宾厅 researchers who are exploring what is it like psychologically for adults living with the severest of allergic reactions or 速发型过敏反应. 这是马奥尼博士和他的团队成员 埃莉诺·布拉德利教授, 健康和科学研究主任, 以及史蒂夫·奥希基博士, Honorary Professor 和 Consultant Physician at Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust, 讨论什么是食物过敏以及与食物过敏生活在一起是什么感觉.

了解更多巴黎人贵宾会官方网址食物过敏的知识, how intolerances 和 allergies differ 和 how psychological factors can influence this see 本系列的第一部分. In Part Two we will be looking at how food allergy differs from other allergies, how we diagnose food allergy 和 our Psychological 研究 into food allergies

对食物过敏和对蜜蜂和黄蜂毒液过敏有区别吗, 处方药,甚至麻醉剂?

所有这些反应都很严重,会影响过敏患者, but food allergy in particular has a big impact on the quality of a person’s life, 这是奥希基教授在他诊所的病人身上发现的.  He has found that most patients would agree that allergen drugs or insect venom can usually be avoided by the individual. In contrast food - particularly when prepared by someone else - can very often be a cause for anxiety among the food allergic because they have less control over their exposure 和 avoidance to this.


In his clinic Professor O'Hickey sees many patients with newly diagnosed food allergy, 和, 对于一些, this can be serious requiring further sophisticated blood tests to cast more light on the trigger allergens for that person.

Finding this out can be vital - avoidance of the allergen is the first step in effective management of the condition so identifying this can help us develop a self – care plan. 巴黎人贵宾厅对成年人的研究, including those with the severest form of food allergy - 速发型过敏反应 which is a serious 和 life-threatening reaction - confirmed this: having a sense of certainty 和 control about their 速发型过敏反应 by knowing their trigger food or foods 和 therefore being able to avoid the trigger, 对这个群体的心理特别重要吗 

people working in a food manufacturing facility wearing hairnets 和 white scrubs

然而,这可能比许多人意识到的更具挑战性. 现代食品的制备和制造非常复杂. 例如, it is relatively well known that pesto contains pine nuts 和 should be avoided if allergic to them, 但是这种常见的酱汁也有一些版本 包括 cashew nuts 和 trigger unexpected reactions in individuals sensitive to these specific nuts. Many food items are subject to cross-contamination (a process by which foods are unintentionally mixed) or manufacturing methods may make identifying possible allergens difficult.


In many allergy clinics the patient’s allergy story is key – it is reviewed carefully 和 Professor O’Hickey says that taking a detailed history is often the most important part of the diagnostic process. 过敏测试通常是最后, 当巴黎人贵宾厅确定巴黎人贵宾厅面对的是什么, we will often prescribe adrenaline auto-injectors for occasions when despite informed avoidance, 发生.


有时过敏过程会更加复杂,因为 有限公司-因素 或者因素相互结合.


例如,运动 结合 with the eating allergen whether this is a food or a medication such as some pain killers, 对某些人来说,能创造出反应发生的环境吗.


巴黎人贵宾厅的研究集中在被诊断为 速发型过敏反应 这是成年后的第一次. 当然, high profile cases of fatal allergic reactions to substances found in common foods are a timely reminder of the challenges faced by the 越来越多 of individuals living with this most severe 和 potentially life - threatening form of allergic reaction. 巴黎人贵宾厅知道, 无论个体的年龄和他们特定的过敏原, 过敏反应患者的生活是一种复杂的心理和社会体验. 然而, across our work we have found that individuals with adult onset severe food allergy, 有过敏反应风险的人会面临一些独特的挑战


  • they can find it difficult accepting the diagnosis 和 living with a condition that they feel is associated with children
  • trying to avoid their trigger food allergen can have a profound 和 problematic impact on the quality of their life 和 that of their family, 尤其是在吃饭和社交聚会的时候
  • they can find it difficult to develop new ways of managing their health after years of engaging in other health behaviours 和 habits
  • it can be difficult for family members 和 health care professionals to know when 和 how to support the severely food allergic adult because they have more control 和 responsibility for managing their health than a child or younger person with a severe food allergy


Training health care professionals who work with individuals with adult onset severe food allergy in psychological skills is one important part of our research. 巴黎人贵宾厅在护士中发现, 与巴黎人贵宾厅合作过的医生和药剂师, many are often unaware of the unique psychological experiences of living with a severe food allergy among these adults [6]. Training health care workers in techniques they can use to explore these psychological issues with patients seems to benefit these professionals 和 potentially the adults with severe food allergy that they support. 



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