Nurses form the largest group of staff in the NHS and are a crucial part of a healthcare team. A career in nursing is both immensely challenging and intensely rewarding. 保护人类健康, preventing illness and alleviating suffering are huge responsibilities, 还有特殊的特权. At Worcester, we know that as a Registered Nurse you will have to be caring and compassionate, 同时保持创新和专业. We will support you as you become knowledgeable, skilled and proactive at delivering and leading high quality evidence-based care across a range of rapidly changing healthcare environments.


Midwives enjoy the unique privilege of a career caring for mothers, 他们的孩子和整个家庭. By studying Midwifery at Worcester you will not only gain the skills and experience needed to become a confident, 有能力和有爱心的助产士, you will also develop the intellectual tools to help you shape the future direction of the profession by generating new ideas and evaluating innovative ways of working.